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why we should no sleep under a tree at night?

There were many doubts in the minds of every individual about the respiratory system of the plants. The major reason is that why plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen in the day. Inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide at night. The most important thing is that even true. As we have heard that we should no sleep under a tree at night. But it is always instigating our mind that what is the reason behind it. 

Plants respire all the time because plant cells need the energy to stay alive but they can only photosynthesize only in the presence of sunlight. Each part of the plant breathes through its external layer of the cells. Roots breathe through root hair, stems breathe through the epidermis, and leaves consist of numerous small pores called stomata through which they breathe.

In leaves, the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is done through the numerous pores called stomata.
we should no sleep under a tree

It opens when the sunlight strikes the leaves in the morning and closes during the night. The immediate cause is the change in the pressure gradient or the turgor of the guard cells. The inner wall of each guard cell is thick and elastic. When turgor develops, the thin outer walls of the stoma bulge out forcing the stoma to open, when the guard cells lose turgor, the elastic thinner walls regain their original shape and the stoma closes. 

The stems are covered with a waterproof substance so the cork is as impervious to oxygen and carbon dioxide as it is to water. However, the cork of woody stems is perforated by pores called lenticels which enables the oxygen in reaching the intercellular spaces of the interior tissues and carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere. 

In the presence of sunlight, carbon dioxide and water react to form glucose and release oxygen. This happens during the day, the glucose is transported from phloem vessels from the leaf to different parts of the plant. When these parts need energy respiration takes place and the glucose is broken down by oxygen, this reaction releases carbon dioxide and water, the energy is called Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP molecules.

ATP provides energy directly to all the plant cells.

Oxygen is essential in a lot of reactions. Any reaction occurs because oxygen is known as oxidation. Respiration is an important example of oxidation. Together, photosynthesis and respiration help plants live. There is an important relationship between respiration and photosynthesis.

In the absence of Sunlight, photosynthesis cannot take place in the tree, only respiration takes place. So the oxygen is absorb from the atmosphere and carbon dioxide is release. When sunlight occurs both photosynthesis and respiration takes place in the leaves of the tree. The oxygen proceed in the process of photosynthesis is being use for respiration and in turn. The carbon dioxide proceed by respiration is being use for photosynthesis. As a result, no exchange of gases occurs between the leaves and the environment. The photosynthesis rate is equal to the respiration rate.

At noon, when the sunlight is bright, the rate of photosynthesis is very fast, so a large amount of carbon dioxide is use. we should no sleep under a tree at night , The carbon dioxide proceed by respiration is not enough so leaves take in or inhale carbon dioxide from the environment so there is more than enough oxygen for respiration so extra oxygen is release back into the atmosphere. So without respiration and photosynthesis in plants, there would be no oxygen and food to stay alive. 

I think we have understood why we should not sleep under a tree at night because of the above reasons. 


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