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Why Do We Need To Plant More and More Trees?

We hear this around us a lot these days around us a lot by environmentalists to plant trees, save water, etc. What we usually do from our side is:

  • Post a comment in support or sharing that post, hoping someone would be working to save our environment. 
  • Or maybe just scroll down that post and Moving on with our lives assuming it trash and our environment fine.

So, now We’re just logically going to explain how and why we actually need to pay attention to the environment. And what we can still do about it.

Do you remember the time when you were 8-10 years old? When there was power cut-out during summer was easily handled by hand fans? Many birds used to be in our surroundings especially our little sparrow and early in the morning. We would hear the birds chirping. Now even the ACs are not enough for us, the summers are harsh and winters are chilling. The sounds of those birds chirping have just vanished somewhere between the towers. If you look back at the time, a lot has changed drastically.

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What has caused such extreme changes around us seems a complex question but the answer lies just in front of your eyes. Just go to the terrace of your home and look around in all directions. Realized that? Yes, all that greenery is now swallow by the jungle of concrete.

But what makes trees so special so that we should be saving and planting more because our life still seems to be normal right. What really makes trees so precious for us is:

  • A mature tree roughly produces 260 pounds of oxygen on average per year which is just enough to support two persons human need, the absence of trees would just cost us $4906.1376 extra per year to complete our needs of oxygen.
  • Not only humans also the home of many birds and living organisms which are very important to balance the ecosystem.
  • Feeling burned by sun while waiting for that bus or vehicle. That is when trees come to your rescue not only giving you shade but lowering the heat and giving fresh air.
  • More Trees = More Fresh Air = More Health=Less Diseases = Better Quality of Life.
  • Having trees around you reduces the noise pollution by 40 percent as trees absorb the sound of their surroundings.
  • A typical hardwood tree absorbs around 48 pounds of CO2 per year.  CO2 contributes 82% in greenhouse gases and each year, human activities produce up to 40 billion tons of CO2 each year. To fight that number, few trees will not be enough.
  • And Of course, all our favorite fruits are produced by trees and we won’t like them disappearing from this world.

These are just some of the many benefits of plant trees, and if I start to write about each and every benefit this would become a thesis, but the main thing is if we do nothing practically about this decreasing size of our greenery, then in return.

we will swallow up ourselves without realizing before it’s too late. The change starts with us and the one and only thing we can do to save ourselves from dooming are:” PLANT TREES” Instead of waiting for something magical to fix our environment, let’s be doing it on our own, that surely will not fix the ecosystem on whole, but yes those little contributions as collective will fix our home ”Earth ” for us.  

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