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Deforestation: A Major Contributor to Global Warming

Deforestation has become an issue of extreme importance over the past decades due to the rapid depletion of our forest land. This has especially come into focus due to the extreme forest fires that have taken place over the past year. The Australian and Brazilian fires have decimated huge swaths of flora and fauna, threatening the existence of many species.
Though this loss has been devastating, they do not constitute actual examples of deforestation. Rather, they are caused, in large part, by deforestation and other negligent, environmentally harmful, acts.
To further understand this concept let us take a closer look at what deforestation really is. And what are the major ways in which it affects us?

“Deforestation, the clearing or thinning of forests by humans”. This means the active cutting down of forests to make way for human endeavors.

Effects of Deforestation

One of the reasons why this is so harmful? that is rarely followed with the necessary attempts at Reforestation which could mitigate its effects.
Some of the main reasons why this occurs are to make way for agriculture and grazing but the rate at which this is occurring has rising so alarmingly that over the past 25 years the size of forests has reduced by over 1.3 million square kilometers. The effects of this rapid deforestation are manifold. On the environmental front, it is a major contributor to global warming. Stops the flow of groundwater into the atmosphere, and causes soil erosion. Even on the human health front, it is causing a large number of illnesses and makes the atmosphere more toxic.

It is not a small task to reduce deforestation as it is a necessary for a number of industries, which in turn are responsible for jobs and growth. With an ever-increasing population and scarcity of land, our dependence on deforestation based industries has become overwhelming.
However, in spite of these factors, the price of continuing to ignore the damage that does to our environment is much more severe than we can anticipate.

Some contemporary ways to mitigate the fallout from these changes would be job training into new industries. This is often hard to implement it would be better to create new green infrastructure jobs. There are a number of industries that need to improve and infrastructure to be overhauled to ensure that our cities are equipped to provide the services we need.

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